Man Trapped in Giant Stony German Vagina No ratings yet.

Man Trapped in Giant Stony German Vagina.

Man Trapped in Giant Stony German Vagina.

         An American student became trapped in a giant sculpture shaped like a woman’s vagina. It may have left a visiting American more than a little pink in the face, as it took over 20 firefighters to release the exchange student after he became lodged in the 32-ton artifact in Tubingen, Germany.

       But alas the young man is only one member of a beleaguered amount of horny idiots attempting to re-enter mommy’s womb, yet only to suffer public humiliation. It is not sure how long the student was trapped, nor known if he then soon dined on some red snapper or clams.  Also not report was the planned destination for this visiting tourist, may we provide suggestions like the Grand Canyon & vat of KY Jelly or perhaps visiting Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Nonetheless this man may just may make the Darwinian Awards some time in the not so distant future. I give the young lad 5 years before we have the pleasure of laughing, I mean, reporting about his next silly exploits.

Man Trapped in Giant Stony German Vagina.
Stone Vagina in Germany

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Which is most surprising?

A. It was an American Exchange student caught

B. Many others have been trapped in the same sculpture

C. Some “artist” purposely sculpted a large stone vagina

D. Germany houses the stone vagina in public

E. All of the above

Man Trapped in Giant Stony German Vagina.
Large exterior view of Stoney Vagina in Germany

VoteUpDog II This horny idiot will next be reported for: 1. Gently stroking the Washington Monument, continuously 2. Bringing whip cream back to this stone vagina 3. Nothing, he will stay home and study hard to become a doctor… actually a gynocologists.   Man Trapped in Giant Stony German Vagina Story by: Idiot By The Sea

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